how to care for leather shoes that get wet

How to Care for Leather Shoes

How to Care for Leather Shoes – Leather shoes are one of the accessories that can make you look more cool and fashionable. Because of the wear leather shoes can show your status, given the high price of leather shoes.

Leather shoes are shoes that have been proven durability, therefore the shoe leather has always been a dream of every person. You could say that having a leather shoe is a worthwhile investment in the fashion world.

how to care for leather shoes that get wet

Leather Shoes

Although the durability of leather shoes have been tested, but the leather shoes still need care to keep them gleaming like new. This time Heey Fashion info will give you some powerful ways caring for leather shoes.

1. Ensure Shoes Always In Case Dry Skin
Try leather shoes are always in a dry state. This is very important because wet conditions can lead to the growth of odor-causing bacteria and also can damage leather shoes. Therefore, avoid the use when it rains. Also, make sure the feet are always in a clean and dry while using shoe leather. If your leather shoes wet, then immediately dry the shoes with a soft cloth and then dry winds. Do not dry leather shoes under direct sunlight or other heat sources because it can cause cracks in your favorite leather shoes.

2. Clean Leather Shoes by Using Cloth Soft Smooth and Feathered Brush
if you want to clean leather shoes from dirt, try to always use a soft cloth or soft-bristled brush. You can use a soft cloth to clean the surface of the shoe, while a soft bristle brush you can use to clean the impurities contained in between the seam of your shoes.

3. Always Keep In Case Leather Shoes, Water proofing
once the shoes are clean and dry, do not forget to apply the polish on the entire surface of the shoe. This is very important, because the polish is able to maintain the waterproof shoes. Make sure you use polish color to match your shoes. Especially for white leather shoes, you can use toothpaste as your upholstery leather shoes. In addition to water-resistant, polish and toothpaste also can maintain leather shoes that are not prone to cracking and always durable.

4. Avoid Moisture Place for Storage Shoe Leather
A moist place where fungus favored by destroyer leather shoes. To avoid the storage of moisture as shoe leather.

5. Use a moisturizer and fragrance Special Shoe Leather Shoes On Inside
Special shoes skin moisturizer that you apply on the inside of the shoes can keep your feet comfortable and for double protection prevent bad smells from your leather shoes, then you can rely on the special shoe deodorizer. Spray the fragrance and then winds up dry, the leather shoes ready to accompany your trip.

How to Care for Leather Shoes is easy is not it? Just by following a few tips above, your favorite leather shoes will still look brand new, so you will be more confident when wearing them.

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