How to Care for Leather Jackets Men

How to Care for Leather Jackets Men

The leather jacket is a complementary item for men to look more manly and macho, leather jacket is arguably the most durable, but if we use it carelessly in a leather jacket then you will be easily damaged.
Leather jacket care Caring for Leather Jackets Leather Men’s

You do not have to worry, in this post will review the Latest Fashion Info on  How to Care for Leather Jackets Men, the following tips more. in this blog give you ideas about Leather Jacket for Girls

How to Care for Leather Jackets Men

Leather Jackets Men

1. Do not Wash Using Detergents
the leather jacket has a character that is very sensitive, so do not use detergent to wash it. Because the detergent contained chemicals that can damage the structure of the jacket so that the jacket is damp and smelly. The smell of the jacket usually arise due to the growth of mold which is characterized by patches of white.

2. Avoid of Rain Water
The leather jacket is suitable for use for motorcyclists, but of course there are restrictions for those who like to drive a motorcycle. Never use a leather jacket when the weather is rainy. Because if you use the rain jacket would be susceptible to fungus.

3. Protect Jacket with Lotion
to protect the leather jacket you can apply using the lotion. Because lotion to protect the skin from exposure to the material structure to direct sunlight. In addition it can also keep moisture lotion leather jacket, so the jacket does not look tangled and dry. Technique is the correct application of lotion with a tissue evenly and let stand for a while at least an hour so that the lotion can be absorbed by the leather jacket.

4. Do not Spray Perfume direct
to use a fragrance, you should never spray directly on a leather jacket. Because the chemicals contained in perfumes can damage the structure of the skin jacket. Use the perfume on the shirt or jacket to your body so that your skin remains safe from chemicals of perfume.

That was information on Caring for Leather Jackets Men who can give info Latest Fashion, hopefully useful and can be a source of inspiration for you.

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