How to be pain free when wearing high heels

If you are someone who loves to wear high heels but your feet gets sore and tired after wearing one, this post is for you!

pain in feet

Here are some ways on how to be pain free when wearing high heels:

Right fit

Be sure that your high heels fit your feet perfectly. Avoid buying shoes when you do not feel comfortable with it.

Soft and padded inner platform

Choose shoes which have a soft and padded inner platform. This could give comfort to the wearer.

Heel height and width

Also make sure that your high heel height is fit for you. When shopping for heels, try the high heel which you want and try to walk around to see if you are comfortable with the height of the heel.

You might also want to consider buying a thicker heel for more stability and balance. It helps in relieving some of the pressure your feet would feel. Thicker heels are better in distributing the weight on your foot more evenly compared to thinner heels.

Removing your heels

When removing your high heels, also make sure that you gently stretch it forwards and back and give it a gentle rub.

Feet in place

Make sure that the high heels which you have purchased are well designed to hold your feet.

high heels


By following the steps above, you could be sure to feel no pain when wearing high heels.

Do you have other tips on how to be pain free when wearing high heels?

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