Many girls out there would love to use Foundation as a base for makeup, however they still make mistakes when it comes to applying it.

Check out some common mistakes that women make when using foundation.

Using powder instead of liquid

It is recommended to use liquid foundation rather than powder foundation. Sometimes, powder foundation settles into creases which results to accentuating your wrinkles. A Liquid foundation gives off better results as it makes your skin look smooth and lasts longer than a powder foundation.


Not using a primer

It is important to use a primer before applying foundation. It helps the foundation stay longer and become smoother.


No testing the product properly

Women would often test the foundation on their wrists or jaws. This is really not a good idea. You should test it around the three areas in your face. It should be tested around the nose area, under the eyes and along the jaw line. Doing so will make sure that you would be able to but the right shade for your face.


Using fingers or sponge instead of a brush

Using a brush when applying a foundation would help you save more as it uses lesser foundation than applying it using a sponge or your own fingers. It also has a smoother and more natural result compared to sponges and fingers.

It is recommended to use synthetic brush rather than brushes with animal hairs.

Foundation mistakes brush

Are you guilty of these ?

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