A Fascinator is a woman’s decorative headpiece. It usually consists of flowers, feathers, beads, etc. They are often attached to a hair clip or to a comb.

Nowadays, a fascinator may be worn instead of a hat on certain events where hats are usually worn.

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Read more below to learn when and how you can wear fascinators!

Where to wear fascinators?

They are usually worn on weddings, cocktail parties, tea parties or art opening.

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Fascinator etiquettes

Try to choose a fascinator which matches the event well. Keep in mind that if you are going to be sitting in front of many people or be in a lot of group photos, wearing a large fascinator would cover other people.

Also, if you happen to have an escort and you are much taller, you might want to consider not wearing one.

It would be rude to wear a large piece on such occasions.


Tips on wearing fascinators

This headpiece could be worn in many ways. It is usually worn on the front or at the side of the head. It is also worn at the back of the head or as a tiara.

It would be best to keep your hairstyle simple so that it would not distracted by your fascinator.

fascinator 2Also put on a hairspray on the area where the comb or hair clip is placed to prevent it from falling. You may also want to put a few hairpins if needed.


Do you like to wear Fascinators?

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