An eyeshadow is another makeup item that would love to have and apply as it emphasizes their eyes. It comes in many colors and there are different styles on how you can apply it into your eyelids.

However, a few make mistakes when it comes to the colors, or in the way that women apply it.

woman with curlers apply eye shadow

Here are some common mistakes that you should avoid when it comes to applying an eyeshadow.

  1. Not matching the eyeshadow color to your eye color

The eye color would look great and would be emphasized when you wear eyeshadow shades that complement it. You can base the eyeshadow color which is opposite to your eye color in the color wheel.


  1. Skipping the Mascara and Eyeliner

Your eyeshadow needs some contrast and structure. The mascara and eyeliner creates the outline while the eyeshadow brightens up the eye.

mascara eyeliner

  1. Not blending

Blending colors would create a great finish. Make sure that you blend each shade properly with a brush, otherwise it would look sloppy.


  1. Applying too much

Don’t apply too much below the lower lash line as this would make your eyes appear tired.


Now that you are aware of some common mistakes when applying the eyeshadow, it is essential to keep in mind these tips in order to avoid making another mistake. You would then be able to have a great look once you apply it properly.


Do you love to wear eyeshadows? Which mistake were you guilty of?

Are there other mistakes or eyeshadow tips which you would like to share?

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