Whenever we want to add some sweet and girly style in our hairdo, we wear Headbands.

It could easily keep our hair away from our face and it could be worn by anyone despite having different hairstyles or hair lengths.

DIY Headbands are great projects to do at home since they are really easy to make and only needs a few materials which are also easy to find. It could even be made by kids as well!

These could also be made as gifts to our friends and loved ones. So if you want to save up some money, rather than buying some headbands, why not make one yourself.

Here are some DIY Headband ideas which you might want to try at home!


Knotted Headband

If you want to make a simple headband which only takes a few minutes to make, try a knotted headband.

Knot headband

Braided headband

If you want to add detail to a braided headband, you can add a ball chain to it. Check it out below!


Studded Headband

If you want to go for a shiny and chic headband, simply add some studs to it.


Turban Headband

If you want a lovely turban headband, you can make it with your desired fabric.

Turban headband


If you want to check out some ways on how to wear a headband, read here!


Which idea was your favorite? Would you try doing it?

Do you have other ideas on how to make a DIY headband at home?

Add a comment below to share your thoughts!

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