If ever you have found it hard to look for a belt which matches your style and outfit, you can always make one yourself!

You can add details to your whole outfit by simply wearing a belt. Aside from complementing your outfit, it also emphasizes your waist line.

By doing belts at home, not only can you save money but as well as enhance your creativity and be able to get and make the belt that you have always wanted.

Be inspired by these DIY belt ideas which you could also do at home. Check them out below!

Bow Belt

If you are in for some girly look, simply add a cute bow for a cute finish to your belt.

bow belt

Button Belt

You said you can’t make a belt out of buttons? Put those buttons you don’t use into good use by tying them together and you’ll be able to make a cool belt.


Lace Belt

Can’t get enough o laces? You can turn also them into belts!

lace belt

Rope Belt

You can add some accessories to your rope belt to make them look more sophisticated.


Braided Belt

A simple braided belt can match any of your outfit.


Braided Belt with Rhinestone

This rhinestone would definitely add some spark to your belt.

rhinestone belt

Tassel Belt

If you have a tassel which you don’t use, why not turn it into a belt?


Do you love to wear belts?

Which DIY idea was your favorite?

Leave a comment through the box below and share your thoughts!

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