Denim mistakes that you probably didn’t know about

There is no doubt that Denim is one of our favorite items in our wardrobes. Jeans are so easy to wear and could be used in any occasion, fits for all seasons and could be matched with any kind of top.

We wear it a lot and often, we are under the impression that it is indestructible and could last forever. What we don’t know is that we may have been doing mistakes which may actually ruin our favorite jeans.

Here are some common Denim mistakes which you probably didn’t know about!

Washing them too often

Jeans should not be washed regularly or too often, in order to keep the color from fading.


Not washing by hand

Washing your jeans in the washing machine could disturb pigmentation and may cause the colors to bleed. It is best to wash it by hand and using cold water.

washing denim

Not air drying it

Using the dryer actually damages the denim fibers. Air drying it expands the life expectancy of jeans. Wrinkles could be avoided when you hang it from the belt loops.

Using bleach

Not only does bleaching affect the colors, it could also deteriorate the yarn in the denim. It is best to avoid it and use other alternatives in treating stains.


Keeping stuff in your pockets

We like to put some stuff in our pockets, and most of the time, we forget to take it out. This affects the shape of our jeans and makes it prone to tearing.


Which Denim mistake were you guilty of?

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