A Concealer is a must have item when it comes to makeup. It is used by every woman around the globe, even those who aren’t that much into makeup products.

Concealers are very easy to use and are not expensive. They are also very accessible as you can find it immediately in your favorite makeup stores. It is definitely a simple product which most women love to have and wear.

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The question is, have you been using your concealer in the right way? Here are some common mistakes that women make when they use concealers.

Using your fingers when applying it

Most would say that applying makeup with your fingers is okay, but sometimes it isn’t. In possible, you should avoid touching your face with your fingers as this transfers bacteria which causes skin problems like pimples, acne etc. It is recommended to apply concealers using a small brush.


Stroking instead of tapping

A lot of people would stroke the concealer into their face instead of tapping it. Tapping your concealer would look more natural as it has blended into your skin well.

Not using a Primer

Concealers should not be applied to bare skin. Using a primer would make your skin smooth and keeps your makeup in place. If you would not use a primer or a foundation, you should at least use a moisturizer before applying a concealer into your face.


Do you have tips on using concealers that you would like to share?

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