Most of us must have had difficulties in trying to find the right hat. Most of the time, we wonder why some hats look great when worn by others but not so much with us, or why some hats look great on us while not so much with others.

This is because there are actually different hats which would look great on different face shapes.

Check out below to be able to find that right hat for your face shape:


First off, you should be able to find out what your face shape is. Get a mirror and refer to the photo below to be able to determine the shape of your face.


Oval Shape

You should consider yourself as a lucky person as any kind of hat would work on you! You can pick any hat which suits your outfit and your mood.


Square Shape

Go for circular styles of hats to soften the edges of your face. Try sunhats, cloche, beret or a cowboy hat for its circular features.


Round Shape

You can add asymmetry to your look by going for fedora hats or baseball caps. These hats could distract the people’s attention from your facial curves.


Heart Shape

Avoid wide brimmed hats as they could accentuate your forehead and narrow your chin as well, instead go for medium brimmed hats like a beanie, beret, fedora or toque. These hats can balance the width of your forehead and prevents your jaw line from appearing too narrow.


Oblong Shape

Avoid hats which have tall crowns as they can elongate your face. You can go for low crowns and flared brim hats.


Do you have other tips on choosing the right hat for your face shape?

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