Women wear pantyhose regularly for different purposes. They give a finished look when wearing a formal or professional dress, gives a quick fix to hide blemishes as well as hairy legs and they ease the roughness between voluptuous thighs.

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Although pantyhose are quite cheap, the amount made after constantly replacing damaged pantyhose could add up.

This is why you should care for your pantyhose to extend their use.


Here are some care tips for pantyhose:


Wearing the pantyhose


It is recommended to gather the pantyhose in your fingers until you reach the bottom, place your toes in the hose and stretch the length of your stocking up to your thighs, instead of just entering feet at the top of the hose and running it through the length of the legs up to the bottom part.


Treat tears immediately


Always check your pantyhose after every use for small tears. If you see one, apply a small amount of nail polish in order to keep the tear from spreading. Let the polish dry before storing the pantyhose.


Top quality

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Make sure that you purchase top quality pantyhose which are much stronger and resilient compared to others. Also go for trusted brands.




Avoid washing your pantyhose in the washing machine without a lingerie bag used. Alternatively, you can wash it by hand with soap and water.




Be careful where you hang your pantyhose as they could get caught with clothespins near it.



Are there other care tips for pantyhose that you would like to add?

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