Beanies are brimless hats and one of those popular headgear pieces which could be worn by both men and women.

Most would think that it is a wear and go item, however, there are actually many ways on how you can wear your beanies and look stylish wherever you go.

Here are some ways on how you can wear beanies.


Usual style

beanie 2Probably the most common style of wearing the beanie is to have it on a downward angle to the back of your head, over your forehead and covering your ears.


Folding the beanie

beanie 4If you are planning to go out in the cold weather or if your beanie is too long, you can fold your beanie once around the opening area. It could fit the cold weather as it could cover your ears, forehead and neck.



beanie 1You can choose to have your hair braided, straight, curled or wear it back. However, if you plan to have a ponytail, make sure that you wear it low so that it would not really create an uncomfortable bulge under your beanie.


Showing your bangs

If you have bangs, you can show them off with your beanies. If you have full bangs, you could wear your beanie further back so that it would not look too flat. If the side-swept bangs are your thing, you can let them peek out from your beanie.


Do you know of other ways on how you can wear beanies?

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