Getting rid of Dandruff


The most common problem we have experienced with our head/hair is Dandruff.

It is such a big problem especially when your hair color is black or any other dark color since dandruff could totally be visible. Oftentimes, it could even fall in our shoulders and would be really visible if you are wearing a dark colored top.

Dandruff shoulders

Having dandruff problems could also be a little embarrassing as it tends to be flaky and really itchy. You’ll find yourself scratching your head every minute just to relieve the itch.

Worry no more as there are actually many ways on how you can get rid of dandruff. Check out our list below to solve your dandruff problems!

> If possible, don’t try to scratch it. Doing so may loosen all the flakes and they’ll spread all over the place. It would also irritate your scalp so better try not to scratch it.


> Look for a shampoo which has a Zinc pyrithione as an ingredient. It is an antibacterial and antifugal agent so it would really work against dandruff which is caused by an overproduction of a fungus.


> You might also want to try using coconut oil or baby oil. These products could moisturize your scalp. So if your dandruff is because of dry scalp, using these products can get rid of your dandruff.


> If worst comes to worst, better see a Dermatologist. Your doctor would give you a prescription on which shampoos or medicines you should take in order to get rid of dandruff.


Are there other remedies that we have missed?

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