Eyeliner Do’s and Don’ts


The Eyeliner is one of a girl’s favorite makeup items as it can emphasize one’s eyes. However, it is considered as a very tricky makeup product.

Why? Because too much eyeliner on your eyes would make you look like you have been punched, applying it unevenly would make people think that you don’t have a mirror, using the wrong product would cause smudges and smears. Yes, it could really be annoying when applying eyeliner isn’t done properly.


Here are some tips on applying your favorite eyeliner into your eyes.

> Don’t put eyeliner in your whole eye including the upper and lower lids. Doing so would make your eyes look smaller (unless you want too).

> Regularly sharpen your pencil to make sure that it would be easier to work with.


> Don’t curl your lashes after putting on your eyeliner. This would remove the liner which is closest to your lashes. Curl your lashes first before applying eyeliner.

> You should also try to use white eyeliners in the inner corners of your eyes. Applying it would also make your eyes look bigger.


> Don’t use a dry pencil as this would hurt your eyes. You should make sure that your pencil is creamy by heating it up with a lighter or sharpening it before you apply it in your eyes.

Follow the tips above and you’ll be sure to have eyes which appear bigger and wider, thus emphasizing it.

Are there other tips that we have missed?

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