How to clean Pearls


Pearls are one of the favorite fashion pieces by many as it adds elegance to the whole look.

It is also believed that by wearing pearls, you can attract wealth as well as luck. It also symbolizes purity and beauty.

Pearl Jewellery

To be able to maintain the beauty of your pearls, it is important to take care of them properly. Just like any other stone, pearls could get dirty as well and would need proper care.

Although they are durable due to their compact structure, pearls are soft by nature. They are prone to scratch marks and would often deteriorate when not handled properly.

how to clean pearls

Here are some ways on how to clean pearls:


For everyday cleaning

You can use a damp or dry cloth and simply wipe the pearls one by one to be able to remove sweat after wearing it. Make sure that it is dry before storing it.


For cleaning dirty pearl jewelry

Get a soft cloth or rag and dip in mildly soapy water. Wipe the pearls gently. Afterwards, wipe them using a clean and dry cloth in order to remove the soapy residue. Air dry and store them properly to avoid dirt.

Be sure to avoid using rough things like toothbrushes or sponges as they could be harmful to the pearls. Also avoid ammonia and other harsh chemicals, only use warm water and a mild detergent in cleaning the pearls.


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