Eyebrow plucking tips


Plucking your eyebrows to be able to have that perfect arch could sometimes be difficult and painful as well.

Check out below for some tips which you should follow to be able to have a more beautiful eyebrow and have a less painful plucking experience.

Eyebrow plucking tips 1

Here are some Eyebrow plucking tips which you should know about!


  • Go for the sharp and slanted style tweezers. These kinds of tweezers could be able to grab the tiny hairs more quickly and wouldn’t pinch your skin.


  • The best time to pluck your eyebrows is after you have showered as the warm water opens up the follicles and softens the hairs.


  • Remember to carefully pluck the hair in order to have a pain-free removal and to be able to prevent ingrown hairs. Pull it at less than 45 degrees angle, never pull it straight up.


  • Our skin is most sensitive during, before or after our period so it is best to avoid plucking at those times. It would be too painful!


  • Apply Aloe Vera gel on parts where redness occurs after plucking in order to reduce the swell. You may also use an ice as an alternative, or applying lotion to the skin around the eyebrows in order to soothe the pain.


  • Be sure not to over pluck as this could irritate or damage the follicle, resulting to hair not growing back.



Do you like to pluck your eyebrows as well?

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