Swimsuit shopping tips


Since summer is here, I bet women out there would want to do some Swimsuit shopping. However, shopping for bathing suits may not actually be that easy than you think it would be.

Here are some tips on Swimsuit shopping:

  1. Identify your own body type

This is important to know your body type as this would help you in choosing the right swimsuit.

Take a look at your body and refer to the types of bodies below:

Body Shapes

Pear – When your hips are wider than your waist and bust, you have a pear shaped body type.

Hourglass – When your bust and hips have nearly the same width but have a small waist, you have an hourglass shaped body type.

Apple – When your waist is wider than your hips, and is equal to your bust, you have an apple shaped body type.

Banana – When there is no significant difference with your bust, hips, and waist, you have a banana shaped body type.

  1. Be ready

Before going out to buy your swimsuit, make sure that you take care of areas in your body which needs hair removal especially if you are with someone who will judge the swimsuit you’ll be trying on.


  1. Bring sandals

When shopping for swimsuits it would be great to wear sandals to be able get a glimpse of how your swimsuit would look.

Who would want to try a bathing suit while wearing sneakers?


By following and keeping these tips in mind, no doubt that your swimsuit shopping would be less difficult and fun.

Are there more tips that we have missed?

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