Common False Eyelashes mistakes


Women love to wear false eyelashes to be able to accentuate their eyes and be able to add more drama into their look. It can easily make eyes pop and look more beautiful granting that they are worn properly and carefully.

Here are some common mistakes when wearing false eyelashes that you should avoid:

Looking Unnatural

Choose false eyelashes properly, make sure that they fit your unique eye shape. Otherwise, it would look unnatural and unattractive. If they are too long, they could also irritate your eyes so make it look droopy, so make sure that they are trimmed.

false eyelashes mistakes 2

Throwing away the false eyelashes after one use

One of the most common misconception regarding eyelashes is that they should only be used once and must be thrown away. But with the proper care and maintenance, you can actually have 5 up to 8 wears with synthetic lashes while you can have 25 up to 30 wears for mink lashes.


Applying mascara after applying the false eyelashes

Doing this could make your eyelashes look clumpy. It could also pull out your natural lashes when you take out the false eyelashes and re-using them could be troublesome.

Falling lashes

To avoid this embarrassing moment, be sure to blow on the lashes after you apply the glue so that they could stay put and won’t fall off.


Were you guilty of these false eyelashes mistakes?

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