Layering bracelets


Most women love to have lots of bracelets on one arm. Bangles, pearls, silver or gold bracelets friendship bracelets, name it all and you could probably find a stack of them in someone’s arms.

stack bracelets

If you would like to try to layer bracelets, there are some things which you should know about.

Here are some tips you need to know when layering bracelets:


men stack

There are lots of styles, colors, materials and varieties of bracelets out there which you could experiment on when layering bracelets.

What you need to do is to make sure that the bracelets have the same diameter. This way, it would not topple to the front of your hand and that each would be visible when stacked.

Same Stack



You could also try to do layering with bracelets that look similar for a more dramatic effect. You could also try to do a stack with similar colors for a monochrome effect.


Classic look


If you want to go for a classic and sophisticated look, you can go for gold or silver bangles along with pearl bracelets.


Statement bangles

animal print

If you want to go for animal prints, you can easily mix and match these bracelets compared to clothing as it is only a small amount of print. You could try animal printed bracelets which also complements with your outfit.


Do you love to layer bracelets as well?

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