There are some people who often gets conscious of their big ears and would start to lose their self esteem because of it.

You don’t need to worry as there are some tricks on how you could be able to hide your big ears.

Here are some ways on how you can hide your big ears and be confident again!

Experiment with hairstyles

Add lift and volume to your hair, the more it has, the more it would be easier to cover your ears.

7d9ccf5ca10d9a6d0692afd87f953b2bYou can either use a dry shampoo or use other hair styling products such as mousse. You could also choose to add curls, perm or wave to your hair.

Side swept bangs could also hide your ears if they are a bit long, so would want to grow out your bangs.

Side bangs

You should avoid going for high and tight pony tails as it could pull your hair away from your face thus making your ears more visible.

Cover your ears


There are a lot of accessories which you could also use in order for you to cover your ears. Earmuffs, headphones, scarves, bandanas, and hats are some of those accessories.

Another option is to draw the people’s attention away from your ears. You could wear flashy blouses, tops necklaces or earrings which could get the people’s attention so you don’t have to worry about your ears.


By following the tricks above, you would not need to worry about your ears anymore and would become more confident with yourself.


Do you know of other ways on how you can hide your big ears?

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