The white marks that often appear in our nails is actually a medical condition known as leukonychia. It is said that the most common cause of this discoloration in the nails is injury at the base of the nail where it is formed.

Good news is that this kind of injury could be prevented by properly taking care of your nails. You could also be able to get rid of it by following some tips below.

Here are some ways on how you can prevent and get rid of white marks on nails.

Take care of your nails


Avoid doing things which may harm your nails. Avoid biting them or using them to cut things open. Also avoid putting any weight on them. It is just like getting bruise on your skin, you’ll get white spots on your nails.


Change nail products

nail polish

Your nails may have acted negatively on certain nail polishes or nail products which you have used. Try to determine which product causes those white marks on your nails and change them.


Keep your hands clean

wash hands

While others say that the white marks could be because of an infection, you should keep your hands clean. Wash your hands all the time and use a sanitizer.


Paint your nails

paint nails

You can try to cover up those white marks by putting nail polish on your nails. By the time your polish wears off, those marks may be gone as well.

Do you know of other ways on how to prevent and get rid of white marks on nails?

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