Whether you wear contact lenses to correct your vision or simply want to have a different eye color for an important event or outing, it is very important to know to wear and how to take care contact lenses.

Contact Lense Colors

Even if it is your first time wearing one or already have experience in wearing contact lenses, you should keep in mind some tips and tricks to make sure that your eyes are safe and would not be damaged in any way when wearing contacts.

Here are some tips on wearing and caring for contact lenses that you might want to check out!


– Always wash your hands and have them dry when wearing and removing your contact lens.

– You should also make sure that your contact lens and storage case are disinfected and clean with the solution prescribed by your eye doctor.


– Don’t use tap water or your own saliva when cleaning contact lenses.

– Make sure that it is not inverted when you wear it. Place the lens in your finger, it should form a cup or ‘U’ shape.

Contact Lens

– If it is indeed inverted when placed, your eyes would feel uncomfortable.

– For first timers, you might want to have your nails short in order to avoid scratching your eyes.

– It is recommended not to put contact lenses after having your make-up on. To avoid having make-up on your lenses, you should put it on first before your make-up.


– If possible, you should also avoid using waterproof make-up as this could bind into the lens.

Do you have other tips that you want to share?

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