Hairspray, also known as spritz or hair lacquer, is a cosmetic product which is sprayed on the hair to make it stiff or hold its style.

If you want to use hairspray, there are things which you should know about.

Here are some things which one should know about hairsprays:

On aerosol and non-aerosol

Aerosol sprays helps you have more control and coverage of your hair. Meanwhile, non-aerosols usually results to a wet look, which may be a good alternative to gels for naturally curly types of hair.


Hair spray formulas

Working hairsprays have the least amount of hold compared to other hairsprays. It is buildable and is non-sticky.

working hair spray

Styling hairsprays are used to thicken or add texture on hair. It has a medium amount of hold and often has a heat-protecting feature.

styling hair spray

Finishing hairsprays have the strongest amount of hold. As its name suggests, it should only be sprayed when you are done with the styling of your hair to keep it in place.

finishing hair spray

Other tips

When spraying, be sure that you don’t spray it too close to your hair. Hold the spray bottle for at least 10 inches away from your hair.

To have a flexible hold, you may also spray a light amount of hair spray on your hair brush when styling.

In order to avoid hair damage such as flyaways and frizz, you can spray it on the palm of your hands and gently apply it on your hair.


Do you know of other things which one should know about hairsprays?

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