Often, your newly bought high heels could be causing you pain when you wear them. You start to wonder how you could wear them all day or all night when it is uncomfortable to wear.

However, you should not despair as there are a couple of ways on how you can soften your heels. Say goodbye to those stiff heels and say hello to soft and easy to wear high heels.

Read below for ways on how you can soften high heels:


Heel inserts and gel pads

gel cups

Try buying gel pads and heel inserts for your high heels. These products could help make you feel comfortable when wearing your high heels.


Warm water


Fill the sink with warm water and place your high heels on it. Let your heels soak on the water for at least 20 minutes. Afterwards, drain the water and allow your high heels to dry.


Damp socks


Wear damp socks and wear your high heels. Try to walk around your house with the socks and heels on. The damp socks could stretch your heels so it would not be too painful.


Moisturizing Cream


Apply a thin layer of moisturizing cream into the inner part of your high heels and allow it to dry. Repeat the process for at least 4 to 5 times, this could soften your high heels and be able to prevent blisters.


Also, you can read other ways on how you could be pain free when wearing high heels here!


Do you have other tips on how to soften high heels?

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