Party Dress 2014 Ideas

This Party Dress 2014 Ideas ,Speaking about fashion in the year 2014 will definitely be very different when talking about fashion in 2013 Obviously, many people will pay more attention to the fashion trends in 2014 As we know that fashion becomes an important part to be observed. This is because the dress became a benchmark for performance.

Peep dress 2014 may be one of the ways that you are more up to date in the fashion business, and know what trends are presented in 2014 Here are some fashion 2014 that will be the choice of many people.
In addition to traditional motifs, fashion 2014 will also remain stylish glamor. Motifs used are glamorous, but not sequined. The motive will be more discussed in the technique alone. Thus, although the use of traditional and even simple style, glamor side of the dress will still look.

Style  Asylum

asylum Style

Asylum Style

Asylum is a fashion style that refers to the freedom to wear the clothes. Asylum own means of escape for refuge. So, many people will be coming up with ideas in dress freely. It is to realize eccentric impression of their appearance. Asylum of fashion style, such as the consumer act as an independent artist with ideas to the canvas. Such was the force is applied, people are free to choose the desired fashion model.

 Style Sagacity

Sagacity Style

Sagacity Style Fashion 2014

Besides Asylum, fashion style Sagacity also be preferred by many consumers. Sagacity own fashion style based on costumes worn in fairy tales. For example, by using Kaung motif in clothing that will be worn. Thus, it will be showing the impression of a traditional but still modern. Of course, the style of this one can consider along with the popularity of traditional fabrics in Indonesia, especially batik.

Style Cardiomind

Cardiomind Style

Cardiomind Style Fashion 2014 ideas

Cardiomind fashion style takes the idea of health. In a sense, many people have started to think about health, so the idea that will be used as an ide for fashion. Health has become the most important this part for everyone.
Therefore, there’s nothing wrong with wearing Cardiomind style. The idea that health can use the tools related to health or exercise. For example, the form of clothes with motifs such as the net.

That is some motive or fashion style 2014 It looks much more developed and refreshing compared to fashion this year. As we know that fashion this year is dominated by sequins motifs or floral motifs. Of course, for you fans of fashion will be confused to select it.

There will be many fashion models present in the market. Now is the time you make a list of budget to buy clothes in 2014 so you look more attractive and certainly different.

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