Filing nails may often be forgotten when doing your manicure or pedicure at home. Although it is a small task to do, it is still considered important when it comes to the overall look of your nails.

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Filing nails

The right filing

Filing your nails is good and important when it is done properly. It is recommended to file your nails when they are dry, since damp nails could flake off when they are filed.

Emery boards are also recommended to use as they are more flexible and gentle on your nails, compared to metal files which could be harsh and cause flaking on your nails.


Neat nails

Filing your nails could help in smoothing the tips of your nails. Otherwise, your day to day activities could cause your nails to grow uneven or jagged.


Strengthen nails

Not only does filing your nails make it neat, but it also strengthens it. Filing could help remove any sharp edge in your nails which may cause breakage or ripping.


Oval nails

It is said that the most protective nail shape and most practical would be the oval shape. You can achieve this kind of shape simply by imitating the natural curve of the cuticle. Filing your nails could also help you achieve this shape.


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