How to keep your ponytail all day


The ponytail hair style is often considered as the hairdo to go for when you do not have enough time to properly style your hair.

While ponytails may look boring, it could be glamorous when it is made right. You could be able to get a high fashion look with a ponytail on if you know the right method and tools to use.

Often, you would need to have your ponytail in all day for school, work or any other kind of occasion. The question now is how to keep it whole day or night without it messing up and still looking fashionable.


Read below to know how you can keep your ponytail all day:

It is recommended to have a bit dirty hair (not washed for a few days) to be able to pull off this glamorous ponytail look. However, if you have a freshly washed hair, you could use a styling cream to give some texture to your hair.

Brush your hair and form a high ponytail. You could spray your brush lightly with a hairspray to give it extra gripping power.

Then, secure the ponytail with an elastic band. Divide the ponytail into two sections and pull in opposite directions to tighten the ponytail.

You could also use bobby pins to secure the end of the twist, but make sure that they are invisible.

You may then use a curling iron to have curls or a flat iron to have a sleek ponytail. Finish with hairspray afterwards.

Do you know of other ways on how you can keep your ponytail all day?

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