What you need to know about Skin toners


Skin toners are designed to cleanse the skin, usually the face, and shrink the appearance of pores. They also provide great benefits on your skin.

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They can be applied in the face by pouring it on a cotton ball or by simply spraying it directly in the face.


They could be an important cosmetic product when it comes to cleansing your face. Most skin toners contain skin repairing substances like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, ceramides and fatty acids.

Skin toners could also work as moisturizers, most especially on oily skin types. There are toners out there which can provide the light hydration which your oil-prone skin needs. This is also good to use on the warm summer season.


They could also be used as makeup removers. It may be an extra step in removing the tiny bits of makeup on your face. Not only do toners remove makeup, they also make your skin smoother, soothe the redness and helps in shrinking the appearance of pores.

There are different kinds of skin toners for different skin types. There are toners for oily skin, dry skin, blemish-prone skin, sensitive skin and more.

Be sure to have your skin type in mind when shopping for skin toners. You also have to read the label carefully and read some reviews on the skin toners which you plan to buy.


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