Tips on wearing Animal prints


Animal prints are one of those prints that does not really go out of fashion.

Most fashionistas have at least one or two pieces which has this kind of print. It could be dresses, tops, shoes, bags, scarves, pants, leggings, shorts or skirts.


If it is being worn properly, one could look chic and fashionable instantly. However, if it is worn with the wrong kinds of outfits it could become a disaster!

Now, the question is, how does one exactly wear an animal print?

Check out some of these tips!

If your print is too large, don’t match it. Have only one part of your outfit that is wild. Don’t try to go for the animal print head-to-toe look.


Tone down your prints. For your outfit not to look wild, you can tone it down by wearing a color which blends with your print. Go for the shades of colors that complement your animal print.


If you want to match animal prints, only do so with accessories.

You could also try having one animal print piece, while the rest of your outfit would be composed of neutral colors like brown, black and white.

Don’t try to mix different types of animal prints. Only match them with neutral or solid colors.


Try wearing animal prints with bright colors like green, yellow, pink or red.


Beyonce - idea of red and leopard scarf

By following these tips, you could be sure rock and look fab in those animal print outfits.

Are there other tips that we missed?

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