Things to consider when buying a dress shirt


Choosing a shirt dress for men may be more difficult than you think as there are many things you would need to consider when buying one. In order to make your shopping trip easier and be able to choose the right dress shirt for you, read our post below!

Here are some things which you need to consider when buying a dress shirt:


Choose colors and patterns which you like


Remember that having dress shirts with solid colors are essential since they are easy to match with any kind of tie.

If you want to go for patterned ones, consider having stripes or plaid dress shirts.




Think carefully when or where you would be wearing your dress shirt. Cotton has that soft feel which makes it a popular choice for casual look. A linen shirt on the other hand, breathes well and is perfect for the hot summer season.


Inspect the quality


A high quality dress shirt has one line of stitching which is visible to the side seam, while some shirts have tow visible rows.


Right fit


Make sure that the dress fits well.

Try to check if the buttons are well placed.

Check if the cuffs hang over your hand.

Make sure that the dress shirt makes you feel comfortable when worn. Try to raise your arms and button to the top to check if the shirt really fits you well.


Do you have other tips on buying a dress shirt?

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