The Monochromatic Look


The Monochromatic look has become a trend for having a chic and sophisticated result.

Wearing the look does not really require any kind of expertise as you only get to pick outfits having the same color. It is a simple and effortless look yet it also looks very elegant and fashionable.


Aside from looking chic, donning a monochromatic look could also make a person look taller than his or her actual height. Having too many colors in your outfit could divide your body and make you appear shorter. Wearing only minimal colors, one or two, creates an optical illusion of making your body appear taller as it elongates your silhouette.


After the choosing the color you’d like to wear you could then pick accessories, like bracelets and bags, to mix and match to your outfit.

Another way to be able to achieve a great monochromatic look is to look at the color wheel.


If you don’t like to wear only one color, you can pair it with another color which is adjacent to it, as seen in the color wheel. These colors are in the same family but have different shades.

mono_0You could definitely have fun on choosing the color you would like to wear and match your accessories. It may sound easy to do but trust that you’ll have an amazing result, and people’s eyes will be glued into you!

Would you be trying this look on? Which color would you like to wear?

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