Remove Unwanted Hair with homemade remedies


Today, men and women like to try a lot of methods on how to remove unwanted hair in the face, arms, legs, chest and in other parts in the body in order to be able to look good and show off their beautiful skin and complexion.

Other techniques in order to remove unwanted hair are laser hair removal, waving and electrolysis. However, these methods are quite expensive and are not accessible at times.

You can also try to shave the excess hair in your body, however this could make the hair grow back faster. Or you could pluck hair using tweezers, although this method does require more effort, may be painful at times and causes bumps as well as ingrown hairs.

If you want to go for more natural methods, you can try to make some homemade remedies to be able to remove unwanted hair.

For Facial Hair

You can try a Sugar and Lemon Scrub

Sugar-Lemon-and-Honey-Scrub1 natural-remedies-and-tips-to-remove-facial-hair-6-638

Or a Honey and Lemon Mask

Honey and Lemon

For Arms and Legs

Pumice Stone

You can try to wash the area where you want hair to be removed with soap and water. Rub your arms, legs or your back with a Pumice stone and rinse well. Repeat the process for at least 2 weeks and you’ll see the results.

Pumice Stone

Which remedy would you like to try at home?

Are there other tips on removing unwanted hair that you would like to share with us?

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