Layering necklaces


Previously, we have tackled layering bracelets, this time we would be talking about layering necklaces. If you are surprised that such a thing is possible or wondering how you can pull off such style, read below!

layer necklace2

Here are some things which you need to know about layering necklaces.


Similar characteristics

gold necklace

layer necklace 3

Go for necklaces which have similar characteristics, such as similarities on color, shape or style.

You could either go for an all gold or silver necklaces, those with the same shape, like the v-shape or circular shape, or those which features the same gemstone.


Statement necklaces

layer necklace3

Your statement necklaces don’t always have to stand out. You can pick necklaces which are of the same shade or style with your top.



layering necklaces 2

Similar to layering bracelets, you can also go for a classic look when it comes to necklaces. Wear your pearls, gold or silver necklaces along with your other statement necklaces.

For a more classic look, you could go for the black and white combination. You can wear your white pearls with any black statement necklace or your white pearls along with any white statement necklace. You could never go wrong with this color combination.


However, you should also remember to tone down if one of your necklaces is too bold. When layering bold necklaces, make sure that you tone down your other accessories as well.


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