Guide to Mixing and Matching Colors


Color matching is definitely an essential when it comes to fashion.

Here are some guides on how to mix and match colors to be able to pull off a great look!


  1. Be guided by a color wheel.

Probably the most basic guide to learn.

color wheel

The color wheel is your best friend. Knowing about will definitely help you pick which colors to use and not to use when matching outfits.


1.A. Learn about complimentary colors. Complementary colors means opposite colors, each color has their opposites. Simply look for the color on the wheel which is opposite to the color you want to match with.

These opposites would definitely look good together. No doubt about this.


1.B. Analogous Colors

These are three colors which are adjacent to each other. It will also go well with each other so you should give it a try.


1.C. Red, Yellow, and Blue

These primary colors are also a sure hit when matching colors.


  1. Family

Try to keep it in the family. Just like how pastel colors should go with pastel colors, and jewel tones with jewel tones.

Pastel Stretchy High Waist A-line Mini Skirt
  1. Different shades

Do an ombre test. Different shades of the same colors will look good together.

Women’s Long-Sleeve Dip-Dye Top
  1. Classic look: Black and White

You can never go wrong with this color combination. These opposite colors are really great for color matching.

Men's Flannel Soft Fabric Shirt
Men’s Flannel Soft Fabric Shirt
Black and White Dot Chiffon Maxi Long Half Beach Skirt
Black and White Dot Chiffon Maxi Long Half Beach Skirt

Are there other tips you would like to share?

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