Ways to remove the itch of your wool sweater


If you have recently bought or got a new wool sweater, but is very itchy all over, all you need to do is to soften it up or wash it.

wool sweater

Here are some ways on how you can remove the itch of your wool sweater:



GlycerinGet wool sweater and get ready to hand wash it. Add two or three tablespoons of Glycerin on the water which you would be using to hand wash your wool sweater. Rinse and allow your sweater to air dry afterwards.



refrigeratorGet the woolen sweater and wrap it up in a plastic bag and seal it properly. Place it in your refrigerator and leave overnight. Remove it in the next morning. Try to put on the sweater on, the itchiness would disappear by then.


Hair Conditioner

hair_conditionersPour cold water on a basin and soak the wool sweater. Drain the basin and press the water out. Afterwards, get a hair conditioner and apply it through the fibers on the sweater. Leave it for an hour, rinse properly and allow to air dry. Your wool sweater would then be softer and the itchiness would be all gone.


By following either of the methods above, you would be sure that your problem with your wool sweater on it being too itchy would be solved.


Have you tried having an itchy wool sweater?

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