How you can clean your hairbrush


Hairbrushes are also similar to makeup brushes and sponges, the more you use them, the more you could so much of those unwanted stuff. Not only do hairbrushes trap hair, they also trap oil, dust, dirt, and even dust mites.

Every time you brush your hair with your unclean hairbrush, you could actually re-deposit the oil and dirt back into your hair.

hairbrush dirty

Here is how you can clean your hairbrush:


Get your unclean hairbrush. First thing which you need to do is to remove the tangles and loosen the old hair.

You may use a pen, toothpick, the end of a rat tail comb or simply your hands. Once much hair is loosened, you can then use scissors to cut the hair. Keep repeating until much hair has been pulled out.

Also be sure to dispose properly of the hair ball which you got from your hairbrush. You would not want to clog your sink with hairballs, right?

Then wet the hairbrush with running warm water to soften the remaining hair and would then be easy for you to pull out.

Get a small amount of shampoo and apply it into the bristles of your hairbrush, doing this could remove hair grease.

Gently scrub your hairbrush and rinse with running water. Dry it with a towel afterwards. Now you have a clean hairbrush.


A clean hairbrush could definitely keep your hair styled and clean as well. Be sure to wash your hairbrush weekly to ensure that your hair and hairbrush would be clean.


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