Penny Loafers for Women

Celebrities Wearing Loafers

Penny Loafers for Women, This kind of shoes is one of the semi-formal models of shoes that looks can be said to be similar to the loafers. Loafers has a more relaxed impression with the use of slip-on models which recently became one of the favorite shoes for women in addition to wedges and high heels.

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Loafers is usually often used women’s career and seem more presentable, intelligent, and agile. Very suitable for those who have legs, can also be combined with a mid-length skirt. The shape is similar to loafers flats shoes, equally flat bottom but the difference is the top of the shoe which is more like a slipper. In 2015 this type of shoe will be one of the trend of women’s shoes. Here are some pictures of models that loafers taken from several sources.

How ladies, pretty ones right above models loafers? There are plans to have a ladies loafers? Or maybe you already have it in your shoe storage collection. Hopefully Penny Loafers for Women that we present can benefit us all. Stay beautiful yes ladies!

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