Peasant tops

If you are the type who likes simple and comfortable clothes with a chic vibe, you should have Peasant tops in your wardrobe.

Peasant tops are pretty popular in the 60’s and 70’s and reappeared in the 90’s. They have made a comeback once again and it looks like they are here to stay.

It is also a boho chic or hippie clothing item because of its casual and relaxed look, so if you are into that style, you would definitely give this top a try.


This kind of top is also perfect for the summer season as they are very comfortable to wear and also if you don’t want to wear tight clothes which could stick into your skin when you start to sweat.

These tops also come in different styles and lengths. It also comes in different prints as well, embroidered, floral, and eccentric prints.

Here are some ways on how you can wear Peasant tops:

For a simple look, go for a peasant top with some sandals and a hat!

Peasant Tops 1

When going to the beach, you can also make a peasant top as a cover up if you don’t want to be too exposed.


For a girly look, you could try wearing a peasant top that goes off the shoulders.


You might also want to try a peasants with floral prints for another girly look.


For that hippie or retro look, try some embroidered peasant tops.


Which look was your favorite?

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