Matching with Boots!


Matching your clothes with your boots!

So you recently bought new boots but you don’t know how to wear them or which clothes you should wear it with.

As there are different styles and lengths in boots, you’ll have to match them with the right clothes. Wearing them with the wrong dress or clothes may make you look less taller than you really are, so’ll have to be careful.

Check out these guides when it comes to matching clothes with your favorite boots!

*Classic look: Wear boots with pants. Ideal for office, school or street wear.

boots jeans1

Jeans paired with boots

*Ankle boots with jeans – definitely a great combo! You may also fold your jeans to show some skin.

ankle boots 1

Ankle boots on jeans

*For knee-high boots, tuck the jeans in the boot. This will show the real height of the boot and creates an image of slenderness.

boots jeans

Knee-high boots with jeans

*Wear leggings – this could also allow you to wear shorts or skirts. Same with the jeans, it makes you look taller and slender as well.

Also great to pair with a dress.


Different lengths of boots with leggings and dresses


Black and White Combo and Denim shorts

For a summer look:

Try floral dresses with boots.

The boots should have the same hue with one the patterns in the floral print. Otherwise, use brown boots which is neutral and harmonizes with flower colors.


Brown boots with a floral-printed dress


Miranda Kerr’s Summer Floral Dress with Ankle Boots

Which clothes do you wear your boots with?

Do you have other tips in mind?

Drop a comment below!