Loafers, also known as slip-on shoes, are typically low and lace-less shoes which you can simply slip your feet in and go.

It is usually made of leather, canvas or any other man-made materials. It also goes in many styles and colors.

If you are wondering how you can clean your loafers, then read below!


Here are some ways on how you can clean your loafers:


Get a dry and soft cloth, and remove surface dirt by gently rubbing the cloth on your loafers.

Make a mixture of soap and water and wet a clean cloth with the mixture. Make sure that the soap you use does not have any scents or lotions in it.


Rub the loafers using the damp cloth, make sure to rub the marks gently until it is removed. Repeat the process as much as necessary.

Remove remaining soap by using a clean and damp cloth.


For man-made materials such as Canvas

canvas loafers

If there is stuck dirt on the sole of the shoes, you can use toothbrush to remove the dirt.

When drying, you can stuff your loafers with clean cloth in order to keep its shape.

Set in a sunny area and let it dry.


For leather

leather loafers

Apply a leather conditioner on your loafers and let it dry. The conditioner could help keep the leather in good shape.

Spray the loafer with a leather protective spray afterwards to prevent water from penetrating the loafers.



Do you know of other ways on how you can clean your loafers?

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