Emphasize your eyes with no makeup used


Did you know that you can actually emphasize your eyes without putting makeup? Well, now you know!

If you are probably allergic to makeup or if you just don’t want to use makeup, you might think that there is no chance to emphasize your eyes.

But actually, there are many ways on how you can emphasize your eyes without applying makeup to your face specifically to your eyes.

Check out these tips to be able to emphasize your eyes naturally and with no makeup used.

Use contact lenses.

Take a break with wearing glasses and go for contact lenses. There are lots of eye colors which you could choose from.

Contact Lense Colors

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Wear the color that brings out the natural color of your eyes.

If you have green eyes, go for green clothes. If you have blue eyes, go for blue clothes. For black and brown eyes, go for the opposite colors or those that complements them.


Get plenty of sleep. Your eyes would look better when you have enough rest. Otherwise your eyes may become a bit blurry.

Your eyes would widen when you have more sleep.



Lastly, when talking to someone, always maintain eye contact. You will be very sure that they really are looking into your eyes.

By remembering these tips, you’ll be sure to mesmerize people with your eyes.

What do you think of these tips?

Will you be trying them?

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