How to look thin instantly?


HOW TO LOOK THIN? This has always been every girl’s dilemma, even some men too! We have always been stuck on the thought that being skinny means being sexy. This is why people tend to be obsessed with doing diets and going to the gym.

DPActually, there are some ways to look thinner than your real size. You don’t have to get any sort of plastic surgery or go on a crash diet just to look thin instantly.

Here are some ways on how to look thin with only fashion.

*Choose the right size of clothes – You should always wear clothes that fit you, neither big nor small as these clothes may only make you look bigger than your actual size.

Fit Clothes

*Black is your best friend – Wearing this color reduces the shadows which could be seen in your body. It creates a sort of optical illusion, making your body slim and elongated.

Classic Trick: Wearing Black Clothes

* Go for vertical stripes – It creates an illusion of making you look taller and thinner.


stripe men
Long Sleeve Stripe Pattern
stripe leggings
Digital Print Ankle Length Leggings
stripe dress
Women’s Stealing Harvard Vertical-Stripe Dress

* Use belts – This will instantly make your waist appear smaller.

Elastic Cinch Belt – Waist Trimmer Stretch Buckle Belt

* Try to wear a shapewear – These are underclothes that hold your body, making you appear slim.

Shapewear for Men and Women

*Consider skin-toned shoes – The similarity of its color to your skin will have the illusion of making your body elongated.

Skin-toned pumps


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