Men’s Ties


Some men might think that Ties are only a small thing. But, these small things still make a difference. In fact, a tie is the first thing that people notice. So you will have to make sure that it does not stand out too much and that it matches with your whole outfit.

TIE DP2Read down below as we discuss some do’s and don’ts when it comes to Men’s Ties.


*The tip of your tie must be at your belt line, it should not be below or above it.

style=”text-align: center”>Tie 1Two-Button Center-Vent Suit with Flat-Front Pant

*If you want a solid dark tie, wear it with a white or light-colored shirt.

style=”text-align: center”>Solid TieClassic look: Solid tie on light shirt

*If you don’t like bold patterns thinking that it is over the top, or think that solid colors are too boring, go for stripes.

style=”text-align: center”>Blue Stripe2Two Button Trim Fit Suit Side Vent Jacket 2 Piece Stripe

style=”text-align: center”>Blue StripeVasser 2 Button Suit Side Vent

Brown StripeTwo Button Trim Fit Suit Side Vent Jacket 2 Piece Stripe

*Match your tie with your suit fabric. Cotton ties for cotton suits, wool ties for wool suits.

TIE cottonMen’s 2 Button Modern Fit Suit

Brown Cotton Suit

Light Tan Solid Slim Fit Cotton Suit

*If want to have a tie bar to clip your tie, go for a tie bar which is between half or 3/4 the width of your tie. Don’t wear a tie bar which is wider than your tie.

Tie-BarJames vs Gary on Tie Bar Battle

Are there other tips that we missed?

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