How you can prevent nail stains


You have probably experienced removing the nail polish on your nails, only to find out that it leaves stains on your nails. Most especially when you use dark nail polish colors.

These stains on your nails however, could be prevented. The question now is how?

Here are some ways on how you can prevent nail stains:

Stay away from nail polishes which contain toluene. This chemical could cause stain on your nails.

Using a base coat could help in preventing stains on nails.

Apply a base coat on your nails before applying a nail polish. This could also help in extending the life of your manicure and making a sticky base which your nail polish could stick onto.

base coat nails

Make sure that the base coat could touch the cuticle line but not touch the skin.

Also apply a top coat on your nails after the nail polish.

Using a nail polish remover which has acetone also causes nail stains. Make sure that you opt for non-acetone nail polish remover.


If you smoke a lot, it could contribute to the nail stains as well. Your nails turn yellow due to nicotine found on cigarettes.


If you don’t use nail polish yet have stains on your nails, it may often be caused by health issues such as lung disease, psoriasis or diabetes. It may also be because of a fungal infection. Better visit your doctor as soon as possible.


Do you know of other ways on how you can prevent nail stains?

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