Black has always been a favorite by many as it goes well with any other color. A black suit is considered as a timeless option and the ‘safe choice’.

Whenever men go on events or at work, black has always been the go-to suit.

Here are some ways on how you can pull off the black on black suit:

Avoid mixing shades of black. When going for a black on black suit, all the shades should exactly match, be it your jacket, shirt, tie, socks, and pants.


Keep your accessories simple. You could go for a minimalist look by keeping your accessories simple yet sharp.

Avoid mixing patterns.

You should also make sure that you shine your shoes. Even the small details could affect your overall look. So if you are going for a black on black suit, shined shoes are important.

black 3Get the fit right. Since there is no place to hide a bad fit when wearing a black suit, be sure to nail the fit. You would be looking more stylish when your suit fits you well.

When it comes to washing your suits, be sure to have them dry cleaned so that they would not suddenly turn grey over time. It is also ideal to have your black suit cleaned at the same time with your black shirt to make sure that they would be having the same treatment.



Do you know of other tips on how you can pull off the black on black suit?

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