Ways to wear a Headband


A great way to add some style in our hairdo is to wear Headbands! The notion that it is only for kids is so wrong, it would look great on adults as well.

These are great for long, short, straight, curly, with a bun, bangs, ponytail and any other kinds and types of hair.  It could also go for any kind of occasion, event and season. It could add detail to your whole outfit and keeps your hair in shape.

Headbands also come in different styles and designs as well – laces, flowers, beads, cloth and many more. It is important to know how you could wear them to be able to complement your outfit and look.

Check out these ideas on how you can wear a headband!

For a hippie or ‘boho chic’ look, you can wear your headband across your forehead.

braided-headband-how-to-wear ideas_for_wearing_turban_headbands



This elastic headband could look great on both high or low ponytails.


A great way to complement your buns is to wear headbands – may be cloth or lace.

Headband for buns

During the winter, you can wear an ear muffs/headband between your hair and forehead.


For a warmer weather, you can use a knitted headband with your ponytail on.



This flower headband also looks great with Diana Agron’s short hair and full bangs look.

This metallic headband complements Mila Kunis’ detailed dress

Metallic Headband

What do you think of these ideas? Do you also love to wear headbands?

How to you wear them?

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