Ways to stretch the waistline of your pants or shorts


You may have been enjoying your holiday by eating so many delicious foods and then you realized that you are unable to button comfortably your favorite pants or shorts or may have bought not the right size, don’t give just yet.

Before you throw away those pants or shorts, how about trying to stretch them first? There are actually ways on how you can stretch those pants or shorts and get the shape which works on you.

Here are some ways on how you can stretch the waistline of your pants or shorts:

  • Take the pants or shorts which you want to stretch, be sure to close the zipper and secure the button. Gently pull the waistband and see it fits.


  • You may also try moistening the waistband first before pulling it. Wait for it to dry before you put them on.


  • You can also try to move around with your pants to be able to stretch it. Try to squat or walk around but be careful in doing so, to be able to avoid tearing them.


  • Try buying a waistband stretcher in your local stores. It could work on any size and would not take long for it to work.


  • If the steps above did not work, consider going to a tailor. They could be able to add fabric to be able to widen the waistband.

tailor jeans

Do you know of other tips on how can stretch the waistline of your pants or shorts?

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