Selecting a Bow Tie


A bow tie is a necktie which consists of a fabric formed into a ribbon and is tied around the collar. Bow ties are usually made of any fabric material such as silk, cotton, polyester and more.

Bow tie 2

It is a must have accessory for men in any formal events, nowadays, it is being worn casually as well. Read on below to learn of the different styles and kinds of Bow ties.


Kinds of Bow Ties

There are different kinds of Bow Tie which you can choose from. There are self-ties, clip on bow ties, or a ready-tie. The self-tie is recommended, while the clip-on bow ties are usually used for children, the ready-tie on the other hand is good for beginners. However, wearing a ready-tie on formal events is often considered as a faux pas.


Styles of Bow Ties

Bow ties also have different shapes, whichever style you choose is up to your taste.



Butterfly bow tie

Tie is laid flat and the ends form a shape of a butterfly. They look good on winged collars.


Big butterfly

big Butterfly

A bigger version of butterfly ties which is often used on formal events.


Bat Wing

Bat Wing bow tie

The ends look like bats when laid flat. They are also known as ‘straight’ or ‘narrow’ bow ties.


Rounded Club or Diamond Point

Diamond point

These are ties which have rounded or pointed ends which add an asymmetric look when tied. Although they are not that common, they may still be used for formal events.


Always remember to match you’re the style and kind of bow tie to the occasion which you are attending in order to pull off your look.

Which style and kind of Bow tie is your favorite?