Putting on fake eyelashes


If you are a woman who loves to emphasize and draw the people’s attention to your eyes, putting on fake eyelashes is a quick way to do so.

Often, applying mascara on eyelids would not be enough to make your eyes look fabulous, which is why most women who also wear fake eyelashes as well.

If it is your first time on putting on fake eyelashes, you might want to learn more about them.


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Natural vs. Synthetic

Some women would prefer natural lashes as they are made from human hair, very soft, and appears more natural. Meanwhile, some would prefer synthetic lashes which are made from a plastic material. They may appear artificial, a bit stiff and more difficult to apply, however, women like to wear them as they are more durable compared to natural lashes.



In order to successfully put on fake eyelashes, preparation is very important. Make sure that your eyelashes should be clean before putting on the fake eyelashes, avoid putting mascara before the fake eyelashes. Instead, you can curl your lashes first so it could follow the shape of the fake eyelashes.



Most fake eyelashes come with adhesives, but most of them don’t have good quality. Make sure to go for top quality adhesives and let it sit on the lash band for at least 30 seconds before the application of the fake eyelashes.


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